Monday, July 25, 2011

Share: Active (yes). Blogger (not so much).

After letting Stressing Fitness languish for a few months, I'm dusting things off a bit. I've been pretty active since spring, blessed with lots of extended family stays at our house; doing volunteer work and helping my husband plan and host a huge June function.

I've also been enjoying being an Ambassador and member of the dailymile team this year, blogging over there sporadically; testing and reviewing fitness products here and there; and maintaining my online training log. Join me at dailymile to get my updates in real time.

One thing I haven't let languish is my race training.

Two months into a 20-week half marathon program, I've started cross-posting my dailymile training logs over here in weekly chunks so that they can be easily viewed (and returned to at a later date). I've gotten through the first four weeks and have four more to transfer, so bear with me as I add them in the next few days.

As much as the tagline for Stressing Fitness is 'You are unlimited,' realistically we are all limited -- I certainly am -- by how much we can do every day. I used to drive myself for years blogging. Now, I do it as I please, rather than worry that anyone out there will keel over if I don't get one, two or three posts up per day...or month.

*I'm* not going to keel over to ensure that *you* don't. ;-)

This blog exists for me, and any of you interested in popping in are very welcomed and appreciated for joining me. But life is to be lived, not merely written about. I do hope to be a little more productive in the writing department now that family visitors should be at a minimum, and I should have a little more quiet time to sit and produce some copy.

In the meantime, I hope your training is going well, and that life is smooth and bringing lots of smiles, wonder and blessings your way.

An august rest of the summer to you!

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Richard July 26, 2011 at 9:38 PM  

Welcome back Ilona! Thanks also for your comments to me on DM today. I'm really struggling to find time and motivation to get out there lately. The strep is all gone but definitely left me in a pretty major set-back; I didn't realize how major until this last 10k race on Saturday. While I ended up finishing 10 seconds faster than my course record, I did not beat my PR for that distance and was in pain most of the race. In fact, I was actually really shocked to have finished in the time I did based on how I felt through this run.

Thank you for your continuous words of encouragement; the reason I refuse to give up on posting to dailymile knowing how much I need every available motivation at times like this! Thank you!


Ilona Meagher July 27, 2011 at 5:55 AM  

Richard: You juggle so much (work, family, friends, exercise) and yet pushed yourself to achieve so much during your personal 30/30 challenge, that I don't doubt that you just need some time to cycle the intensity down, my friend.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes our bodies *force* us to do that when we mentally don't necessarily want to slow down a little for a while.

I get a lot of support + inspiration from you, Richard, and so many others, too, at dailymile. It's good to have each other to share our triumphs AND trials with. Hope you start to get get your energy kind to yourself in the meantime. You may be a pretty amazing guy, but you're human and we all need to embrace that side of ourselves too -- even though we'd like to be made of steel...well, maybe lightweight aluminum so we can run faster. ;-)

Thanks for checking in here, R. ^5!

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