Friday, July 29, 2011

Inspire: Four dailymilers who rise + shine

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Looking for some inspiration?

The past few months, I've had the pleasure of interviewing a few amazing athletes for the dailymiler of the week series. Each approaching the sport of running (and cycling and swimming) from different angles, passions and levels, I can't say enough how much Allison J., Ben Byers, Richard H. and Nicole Z. inspire me.

I’ve been admiring Allison J. and her workout logs for a while now. So consistent and totally hooked into all things physical, this dynamic dailymiler is an avid runner and cyclist who routinely logs 40-50 running miles a week, and tosses in boatloads more cycling miles, too. Filled with wisdom, funny asides and songs galore, after every stride or ride Allison returns to us here to bang out another lively post. What a treat to be able to share with you the belle of the ball who’s known for getting everyone fired up and raring to go!

Read my interview with Allison.

A relatively new DMer with an already energetic following, Ben Byers has enough pluck and spunk to lick anyone or anything. Included in July’s Runner’s World Outrunning Cancer special issue, the multiple marathoner has graciously agreed to talk to us about training while undergoing chemotherapy, running for your life and battling the Big C with great heart and gusto. Head’s up, Charlie Sheen. This is what winning is, buddy.

Read my interview with Ben.

Sometimes lacing up is an act of personal pleasure. We pound the pavement or kick up speed on a dusty trail, mile after mile, out of a desire to improve our experiences in life. Or maybe we’re working on our weight, attitude, energy or general health in some way. Other times, we jettison the solitary focus on ourselves, dig deep and expand the meaning and reach of our endeavors. Legendary track and field coach, WWII veteran and Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman once said, “The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race; it’s to test the limits of the human heart.” Since November 2010, Richard H. has been the embodiment of the Bowerman quote every time he’s laced up and headed out for a run.

Read my interview with Richard.

Nicole Z. and I first got acquainted at the end of last year during dailymile’s super fun Secret Santa gift exchange. I (who knows absolutely nada about competitive cycling) had to find something special to give this super cyclist. Checking her profile, not only did she have loads of physical velocity, plastering her wall were the most colorful pics and notes that crackled with the same spark and zest found in those seriously-charged cycles. Barreling toward her first Half Iron Man attempt later this summer , Nicole’s been burning a lot of rubber as she closes in on 5,000 miles logged at dailymile so far this year.

Read my interview with Nicole.

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