Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Train: Brain training for runners-week 10

Stone Bridge TrailRunning on and photographing (on separate outings) Stone Bridge Trail and its environs was the big highlight of my training this week.

Lost a little of my oomph toward the end of the week, and pushed this week's LSD run (slated for Sunday) back by a day. Other slacking includes not getting my two yoga sessions in, along w/my Brain Training for Runners resistance sets. Weekly mileage is building to the highest level I've ever seen, and I'm starting to feel it. Tired a little more -- even took a nap after one my runs this week...very unusual. High humidity isn't giving anyone a boost in stride, either.

Need to get back on the ball as far as stretching and weights workouts go, but I'm also having a ball and that counts for something, too.

Week ten of 20-week half marathon program:

Aug 1 (Day 64 :: stretch + strengthen)
Stretch 00:31 - Gaiam PM Stretch DVD. Looooong time since I did this one + it sure was a relaxing way to wind down tonight.

Aug 2 (Day 65 :: 5.5 mi run)
Stone Bridge Trail 5.5 mi 00:57 10:25 pace - Not-nearly-early-enough morning base run (temp 83F, 78% hum, 10mph winds). Glad this was supposed to be slow + easy, because it's hot + humid out there and I just didn't have my booster rockets ignited today. Was so crazy from the heat even before I began, that for some reason I had it in my cranium that 2.25 miles was the midpoint for my planned 5.5 mi run today. That 2.25 is where I stopped to have a gel and take some pics of the old stone bridge (built in 1882, the double arch structure used to carry railroad cars; it's on the Nat'l Register of Historic Places now) for an upcoming post in the just-launched dailymile series, Destination: Run.

Anywhoo...I made my way back to my car getting slower and slower w/each stride. Sweat pouring down my face. Just really getting so happy to be nearing it when it dawned on me as I looked at my Garmin that I was a mile off + would have to keep going. Oh, the sadness. ;(

You know, we've *all* been there. I was smarting at myself for sleeping in rather than waking when I'd set my alarm, and starting to negotiate with myself: "I've been hitting most of my training targets the past 8+ weeks. Not a big deal if I don't run the last mile like I'm supposed to..."

Well, we all know where that leads. So, I put an end to that whinesense + just made myself keep running to get that last mile in. Oh, yeah. I'm *that* hardcore. hahahah
The sun was out, but cloud cover increased as I neared the end. And there was a nice breeze that would fly by every now + again to thrill my sopping skin. Love this part of the trail because it's crushed limestone (not paved like the Long Prairie part is). Found a ginormous feather...it's either from a turkey or hawk or even eagle. What I would have given to have been able to fly today!

Remembered to do today's drills (2X20 secs ea. Running No Arms + Stiff-Legged Run), and also focused some -- but not enough -- on this week's proprioceptive cue: Feeling Symmetry (where you're supposed to scan your body movements on each side and aim to get whichever side isn't feeling or moving as comfortably or 'naturally' as the other to do so).

Splits: 10:30, 9:36, 10:23, 10:44, 11:01, 10:13. Elev gain: 220 ft.

Aug 3 (Day 66 :: 6 mi run)
RVC (quad loop) 6.14 mi 01:01 09:58 pace - Sunset intervals run (temp 77F, 64% hum, 6mph winds). Fun night run, esp since it's cooled down a lot since last night. 5 mins dynamic stretches; 1 mi warm-up; 8 X 400m @ 3K pace (target: 8:39-8:52) w/3-min active recoveries; 1-mi cool-down. Hit everything pretty well tonight. The last few times I've done these, I sprinted faster than my target range + sputtered out by the last few.

Tonight, I tried to run fast, but held myself back a little; had enough left in the tank to push it a little more on the final interval. Still felt strong on my cool-down mile, too. What a change from yesterday morning's hot + miserable miles. Cannot wait until fall running!

Splits: 10:29 (w/u) | 8X400m intervals: 8:32, 8:20, 8:02, 8:18, 8:28, 8:28, 8:27, 7:35 | 10:11 (c/d).

Aug 5 (Day 68 :: 5.5 mi run)
Aberdeen Knoll 5.66 mi 00:58 10:14 pace - Evening run (temp 77F, 75% hum, 6mph winds): 5-mins dynamic stretches; 1-mi warm-up; 3 X 1-mi @ 10K pace (target: 9:28) w/2-min active recoveries; 1-mi cool-down. Lead legs tonight, esp thru first 4.5 miles. Then, all of a sudden, they kicked in + clipped into my target pace for my last interval. In-the-flow running for about a mile there. Was spent after + happy when I arrived at the cool-down mile. Humidity still hanging on, but the light breeze was a cool one (when it came 'round).

Splits: 10:56, 9:53, 10:22, 10:25, 9:12, 10:52. Elev gain 168ft.

Aug 6 (Day 69 :: cross)
Oakridge 3.8 mi 00:59 15:31 pace - Walk to neighbor's and back for cucumber, pepper and basil with my hubby. Such a comfortable summer night! Perfect temps and we scored a lot of goodies. Garmin acting buggy + seems to be on the fritz, so this is a guesstimate.

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