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Stressing Fitness is a holistic fitness blog focused on strengthening health and managing stress through better motion, nutrition, motivation and knowledge. Written and edited by post-traumatic stress author and dailymile Team 2011 ambassador Ilona Meagher, readers will find the latest in scientific research, professional news and personal views aimed at engaging and sustaining body, mind and spirit.

Trail baptism Pesto Quinoa Pasta Wintery trail blur "Have wisdom in your actions and faith in your merits."

You'll also find Ilona sharing her own stories and photos.

In our 24/7 always tuned into the media culture (but often tuned out of our own internal culture), we are inundated with health and wellness information. Intuitively, and by having been surrounded by these messages since we were born, we know that we should eat right, exercise, get enough sleep.

But we're often too wired, tired, frazzled and hassled to do it.

This blog is about creating balance in life by moving toward and striving for emotional, physical and even spiritual fitness. The aim is to always bring ourselves back to the (pleasant!) work of blunting stress and increasing personal resilience as much as possible.

SF won't be updated every day.

Some days it's better to step away from technology. To breathe in the natural world's energy and cleanse the mind, body and spirit that today seems to be so run down by pressing tasks and high-tech tugs.

Other times, SF will crackle and pop with life.

There is joy in writing, sharing ideas and new findings, and creating something in digital form to set out into the ether to you. You're invited to connect with SF and Ilona via twitter or facebook or even subscribe so you won't miss a thing. Thanks for visiting...now get moving!

Main content categories:

...and we're off.
Challenge :: Think outside the box. Do more than what you think you're capable of doing. Plant a new seed of a goal and watch it grow. Dream big. Get yourself uncomfortable to see how you rise to the occasion.

Energy in sport
Energize :: Discover the benefits and joys of exercise in general (running, for example, has it's own category). Learn to get more active. Strengthen and refresh body, mind and spirit through movement and motion.

Listen :: Looking to hear a variety of recorded programs and podcasts on interesting topics like fitness, exercise of all types, health, nutrition, motivation and spiritual creativity? This is the category tag for you.

Look :: Take a reading break. See the visual oasis that is the world around you. Contemplate each image and the quote that it inspires. Engage with beauty and grace on earth. Take that feeling out in the open with you.

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